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Where is your money going?

The Scler-Churma Foundation is focused on raising money to help educate others of the disease Scleroderma. During our personal experience with this disease, we have learned that this autoimmune disease is rarely known by many people. It is considered to be in the "grey area" of medicine that had to be explained to many people like family members, friends, nurses, and even doctors.

The funds that are donated to the foundation will be used to educate others about this terrible illness, provide the individual diagnosed and their family with information about the disease and the much needed support. In addition to pretesting and research to better the quality of life of those diagnosed with Scleroderma.

We thank you for your donation and support!

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*In addition to the amount on the right, we have raised $29,115.42 from our family, friends and through the GoFundMe App for Kody's foundation.

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