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Meet Kody

Kody was a very happy and healthy young man for the 26 beautiful years that he was on this earth. 

He was a very humble and kind person, always ready and willing to help out anyone in need. In his spare time, Kody enjoyed being outside skateboarding, fishing, camping or just floating in the family pool looking up at the trees. 

His time spent inside went towards hours of drawing and sketching in every notebook and notepad he could find - and sometimes on walls. He loved sketching the things he loved most in his life and had a knack for hiding names or images in his sketches. 

The time he spent with his family and friends was what he always talked about most. It did not matter the occasion, watching a movie, going to a concert, dominating at family fun night, or hanging out at his favorite bar - these were always his most precious memories, ones he spoke of often.  

Kody truly understood the meaning of life and lived a simple one everyday. He appreciated the things in life that could not be bought and made sure that each person in his life was cared for and loved.

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